Caroline Mustard’s newly-minted iPad artists show off their work after six-week Menlo Park Rec Dept class

by Irene Searles on December 28, 2013

To four kids ages 10 to 15, crayons and paints are, if not a thing of the past, at least “old” media. They spent four weeks the past Fall in Caroline Mustard’s iPad class, offered through the Menlo Park Recreation Department.

Their creations range from artistic renderings of animals to people — things of personal interest and passion. Michael paints birds and noted that he “likes drawing in general and it’s cool to do on an iPad”.  He added that Ms. Mustard is “really fun and pays attention to each one of us.  She really compliments me and then shows me how to put more detail in, and then compliments me again.  She wants us to be the best we can.”

Caroline noted that she works with her students who might be hitting brick walls and and then teaches them to work past their obstacles, winning over inhibitions.  The results are impressive.

Cole paints animals and says that the class is a “good environment to develop and apply new techniques. It’s more fun to me with art guidance and lets me take what I learn home to do more on my own. Ian focuses on faces, while Kendall is enthralled with flowers.

We’re showcasing several of their most interesting creations.  The Winter session of Learn to Draw on Your iPad, for kids 12+, will begin on January 6. You can register online.

 Flowers by Avery, 10; Owl by Michael, 10; Ian, 14 with Caroline Mustard; Cole, 15; Bear by Cole; Michael; Face by Ian. 

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William Y Lee January 06, 2014 at 9:35 am

Dear Caroline, Keep up the good work. Michael’s grandfather. William Y Lee

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