Matchmaker Amy Andersen helps men and women of all ages find lasting love

by Linda Hubbard on August 27, 2014

Ask Amy Andersen what trips people up on their search for lasting love, and she’ll tell you “incredibly long laundry lists.”

“It’s often a barrier,” explained the founder and owner of Menlo Park-based Linx Dating. “When we meet with prospective clients, it’s our job to listen to their stories and see if they can be more elastic, removing some items from the laundry list.”

Amy has been in the matchmaking profession for about a decade. It’s not the career she envisioned after graduating from USC. “I thought I wanted to pursue a masters in communication but decided to get some workforce experience first and joined an international public relations firm during the dot com boom.

“I’d attend a different event every night, which started me thinking about doing something on my own. I worked on the concept of an online space for young people to interact, but then took a right turn and went to work for Merrill Lynch.

“I’d cold call all day long. It gave me incredibly thick skin — and the further resolve to go out on my own.”

The result was Linx, which has nothing to do with the animal and everything to do with linking two people together. “And it was available as a domain,” Amy admitted.

She spent the first three years building up her client base and validating the concept. “For some people, there’s a general stigma against matching services,” she said. “Most of our clients have tried one or more of the online dating sites without success. We offer a personalized approach, one that is comfortable and easy.”

Coaching is also offered. “In Silicon Valley, people often don’t prepare for a date enough,” she said. “They bring their work mode to the date and forget the importance of being playful and flirtatious. That can trip them up as first impressions are important.”

While Amy is now married, she does draw on her experience as a single woman involved in the local dating scene. “Not only have I been there, but we practice patience with our prospects. Whatever their age or gender, we really are on their side.”

Photo by Justin Coit courtesy of Amy Andersen

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