Erin Paruszewski offers fitness and fellowship at The Dailey Method in Menlo Park

by Linda Hubbard on September 22, 2014

Erin Paruszewski smiles when she says that some people think her business on the Alameda in Menlo Park, The Dailey Method, is a newspaper. “Guess it’s the ‘daily’ part,” she says.

And while her business is fitness not publishing, she does strive to be a part of her clients’ daily lives. “My goal is to be the best hour of a person’s day,” she says.

Erin at The Dailey Method_vertErin has been teaching The Dailey Method for nine years and has owned the studio, as well as another one in Los Altos, for the past five and a half years. Before becoming certified as an instructor, she’d been a runner and cyclist.  “Those sports took a toll on my body. There’s an athletic component to The Dailey Method. It’s intense, but it’s a more scientific approach to exercise.”

Each class is a 60-minute, full body workout focusing on strength and flexibility. Explains Erin: “It incorporates yoga, Pilates and strengthening and is based on orthopedic exercises. It’s fun and challenging but safe.”

Between the two studios, Erin employs a couple dozen instructors; she continues to teach classes herself as well.

Like some of the other businesses that line the Alameda in Menlo Park, Erin’s studio is a bit of a community hub. One reason is that she offers child care; the other is that she lives in Menlo Park and some of her clients are neighbors. “It’s not just about fitness,” she says. “I like to think of the studio as the Cheers [TV show] of fitness!”

Photos by Rebecca Flanagan

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