Master Chef Junior participant Mia Wurster celebrates with Oak Knoll Co-Principal Kristen Gracia

by Linda Hubbard on January 25, 2015

In last Tuesday’s episode of Master Chef Junior, participant — and Menlo Park resident — Mia Wurster exited the show, losing the alligator challenge. But there was still reason to celebrate, which is what Mia did at lunch on Friday with her Oak Knoll School Co-Principal Kristen Gracia.

Emailed Kristen: “Oak Knoll School is proud of Mia and the compassion and confidence she demonstrated. We teach our students that hard work, perseverance, and positive thinking are the recipe to success. Mix that with our teaching of compassion and you get kids like Mia Wurster.”

Next up for the budding chef (besides a transition to middle school in the Fall): She plans to open a catering business with her friend Elizabeth.

Photo courtesy of Wurster family

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