M-A grads Greg Kalin and Rich Branning take ClosetClicks to its next phase

by Linda Hubbard on March 2, 2015

You’ve got to give M-A grads and friends-since-Hillview-School-days Greg Kalin (left in photo) and Rich Branning credit for looking the part. If you’re going to start a women’s fashion website — ClosetClicks — it’s best to look sharp.

“We do try to present ourselves in a certain way,” acknowledged Greg.

The duo, along with Rich’s younger brother, Royce, who is a freshman in college, launched the first version of the site last summer and have been beta testing it in the form of “outfit competitions.”

“In essence, we challenge users to come onto our site and to create and publish outfits to the news feed,” explained Rich. “Our team rewards trendy outfits that are published with cash prizes and gift cards. At the end of the week we choose what we deem to be the ‘Most Fashionable Outfit of the Contest’ and we purchase that entire outfit for the winner.

“We are now releasing ClosetClicks 2.0 and are scheduled to have contests running at over 20 colleges and high schools both locally and across the U.S. starting March 2. New users can sign up online.”

How did two guys start a fashion-related business? “We both grew up with sisters and saw how involved they were with fashion,” said Greg.

Added Rich: “When we were in college we both noticed everyone would be on a computer either on Facebook or they’d be online shopping. They would be looking through different clothing. But real shopping is a social experience — trying on outfits with friends for validation for those who knew you best. That’s what we’re doing with ClosetClicks, trying to encourage a more social and collaborative approach to online shopping. Our slogan is ‘Join the Click,’ referencing a clique of friends.

They are also launching a new set of videos tied to funding, not fashion. The theme is “Pitch Anywhere” and they’re challenging people to pitch them on pitching at different locations. It’s all part of their achieving their ultimate goal — to create the best shopping website.

Photo by Irene Searles

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