Footsteps Preschool owners feted at retirement party in the Willows

by Rebecca Bloom on June 7, 2015

Throngs of well-wishers showed up in the Willows on Saturday, June 6, to surprise longtime owners of Footsteps Preschool — Abby Munro (third from right, above) and Margaret Nelson (far left) — with a loving, homespun retirement celebration. Guests reminisced, enjoyed potluck snacks and drinks, and celebrated these two local heroes.

Fittingly, the festivities were held in Willow Oaks Park right next to the building where hundreds of local children were taught and nurtured by these two imaginative, energetic early childhood educators. Generations of students and their parents have adored Abby and Margaret. Their “let kids be kids” philosophy and progressive attitude about learning and respect has won them a permanent place in hearts of so many.

footsteps retirement_second

A few shared their thoughts:

“Footsteps (specifically, Margaret, Abby, Tina, and Sarah) started off my three sons’ educations in the best way possible — by creating an environment filled with fun, creativity, compassion and a love of learning.” – Peggy Propp

“Footsteps was so comforting not only for my girls, but for me as a parent as well. These two women made this place home.” – Roxanne Bozdog

“Margaret and Abby have been an admirable success. They created a community which nurtured children, embodied kindness and respect, and empowered kids with the joy of learning. They were growth mindset before it was cool. I’m grateful for them as strong professional women, educators and friends.” – Christie Coleman

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Heather June 07, 2015 at 4:16 pm

Does anyone know what will become of the Footsteps school buildings?

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