Young buck spotted in front yard of San Mateo Drive home

by Linda Hubbard on October 13, 2015

Yesterday, we got reports that a deer was roaming around near the intersection of San Mateo Drive and Middle Avenue in Menlo Park. We reached out and got this report from John Patun, who was at his sister’s house at the time.

“I was doing work on my computer facing the front yard on San Mateo Drive at the intersection of Middle Ave, and a young buck jumped over the bushes, briefly looked in the window and walked carefree across the yard. After a minute, he jumped over the bushes, walked across the street and started walking down the sidewalk on Middle Ave heading NE toward El Camino.


“I called the Animal Rescue & Control and The Humane Society, who typically deal with injured animals or those needing rehabilitation. They said they will look into what they can do and suggested I also call the local police department.

“I reported the matter to the police, who were very helpful, thanked me for calling. and said they will look into the matter right away.

“I truly hope that he finds his way back to a safe location, such as the San Francisquito Creek, or even better the foothills. If you hear any updates, please let us know.”

As John asked: any one else get visited by the deer yesterday?

Photos by John Patun (c) 2015


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Craig October 13, 2015 at 10:38 pm

Maybe a nice venison steak….you really need to marinate it well…mmmmmm good!

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