Former market research company CEO shares what he learned filming innovators of global warming solutions

by Contributed Content on November 15, 2015

For more than 30 years, Michael Killen led Killen & Associates, Inc., a firm that published studies and short films to help banks and high tech companies identify and seize emerging business opportunities. He’ll share what he learned filming leaders who are invested in slowing the impact of greenhouse gas emissions on Sunday, Nov. 22, at 4:00 pm at St. Bede’s Church (2650 Sand Hill Road) in Menlo Park.

The program, part of Arts at St. Bede’s, is titled  “Michael Killen — Art and Music: Engaging Climate Change” and includes three of his paintings. $10–$25 is suggested donation at the door.

Killen’s paintings draw inspiration from two iconic songwriters of our time: Stephen Sondheim and Mitch Leigh. “At this event we’ll be privileged to view three vibrant 6′ x 15′ canvasses: Gone with the Wind is the Electric Grid, Methane Joins Carbon Emissions to Boil the Planet (shown above) and Don Quixote Fights the Giant of Our Time,” said St. Bede’s Music Director, Katherine McKee  “The audience will hear and enjoy the music, and listen to Killen speak, exploring his art, its relationship to the music and the bigger picture it addresses.”

Killen has exhibited his art before audiences and leaders from the Carnegie Institution for Science, NASA, Microsoft, Packard Foundation, Precourt Institute for Energy at Stanford, Smith Andersen Editions & Gallery, and the Stanford Woods Institute for the Environment.



Craig K November 15, 2015 at 4:41 pm

Not only is this art horrible, but Killen is off on his opinion of this made up alleged scientific Global warming crap.

Dude jefferson November 16, 2015 at 8:09 am

That is like your opinion, mannnnn.

ron miller November 16, 2015 at 11:45 am

I must agree with Dude Jefferson. Merely opinion; Yours, mine, Michael’s.
Craig K might look deeply with
the eyes of a Great Grandfather; with a steward’s wisdom for life on
planet earth. If one cannot see how we pollute; how we foul our environment; what we pour into our oceans and rivers and into outer space with nary an inkling of the consequences; If this awareness is not
brought to the forefront of human consciousness then we will miss our opportunity to provide sound governance. . Michael feels deeply and
presents his persecutive artistically, forcefully, articulately, intellectually,
honestly and authentically. I give him my full support and admiration.

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