How do you get the attention of young children when there’s a bishop in church? No problem when you’re the Bishop of Myra aka St. Nicholas.

For over 30 years, St. Nicholas – as played by Woodside resident Dick Livermore – has been visiting Trinity Church on the Sunday closest to his feast day (Dec. 6) and telling the assembled children a tale about gold coins appearing in the shoes of poor little girls so that they’d have the dowry needed to marry.

Robert Ellsberg in his book All Saints relates how the Bishop of Myra, who served in a provincial capital of Asia Minor (now Turkey), was transformed into the man we now know as Santa Claus: “The most curious development in the cult of St. Nicholas has been the amalgamation of this fourth-century bishop with the features of a Scandinavian elf. The transfiguration of St. Nicholas into Santa Claus has been traced to Dutch Protestants living in New Amsterdam. As the story made it its way back to England the familiar features of Father Christmas gradually took shape until he had achieved his eventual iconographic status.”

True to legend, St. Nicholas’s visit to Menlo Park today was accompanied by a basket full of gold coins (foil-wrapped chocolates) that were left in the shoes the Trinity kids put outside their Sunday School classrooms.

Photo by Linda Hubbard (c) 2018

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Spotted: Kids and carolers at Russian Orthodox Christmas bazaar in Menlo Park

While the off again/on again put a bit of a damper on the numerous outdoor Christmas festivals held in Menlo Park today, it didn’t dissuade these youngster from examining a wooden boat at the bazaar held at the Nativity of the Holy Virgin Mary today on Crane Street in Menlo Park. A group of carolers […]

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Annual Christmas Bazaar at Russian Orthodox Church in Menlo Park set for Dec. 1

The 2018 Annual Christmas Bazaar will be held on Saturday, Dec. 1, from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm at The Nativity of the Holy Virgin Orthodox Church in Menlo Park (1220 Crane St.) Wonderful traditional Russian food and desserts, live musical performances, rummage sale, original art, and  a petting zoo for the kids!

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Newly restored and relocated Grotto of Our Lady of Lourdes debuts at Sacred Heart Schools

Earlier this month there was a rededication ceremony of Our Lady of Lourdes statue/grotto that had been “hidden” away on the Sacred Heart School upper campus for some time. SHS alum Laura Pitchford provided InMenlo with some background: “The original Virgin (she is the same but with a facelift!) was located outside of the Siegal […]

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GAIA Country Director Joyce Jere visits Menlo Park

A number of local churches, including Christ Church (Portola Valley), St. Bede’s (Menlo Park) and Trinity (Menlo Park) have been long time supporters of GAIA — Global Aids Interfaith Alliance — and last month it was Trinity who got a visit from GAIA Country Director Joyce Jere. GAIA provides basic health services — targeting prevention, […]

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All Souls Memorial service of worship & music at St. Bede’s on Nov. 3

The choir and clergy of St. Bede’s Menlo Park and Christ Church Portola Valley & Woodside will offer an All Souls Memorial service of worship and music in remembrance of all who have died on Saturday, Nov. 3 at 4:00 pm. Music, under the direction of Katherine McKee and Lauren Wittine, will include Bach’s funeral […]

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It’s blessing of the animals day at Trinity Church in Menlo Park

About a dozen local pets came to be blessed at Trinity Church in Menlo Park this morning, but as the Rev. Matthew Dutton Gillett had said in advance: “Stuffed animals are welcome too.” That drew baby Olivia, her dad and a stuffed rabbit, who was promptly blessed by Aaron Klinefelter, the associate for children and family […]

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Charley Scandlyn is pastor of New Community Church in Menlo Park

There’ll be a familiar face leading the congregation when New Community Church on Middle Avenue in Menlo Park officially opens on August 19. Charley Scandlyn, who’s served at Menlo Church and led the Ravenswood Education Foundation, is the pastor at the church that was determined to stay a church. “It was the faithfulness of those […]

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Teen mental health is the topic of community event in Menlo Park on April 22

“Unmasking Teen Mental Health” is the topic of a community event on April 22 from 6:00 to 8:00 pm at Trinity Church in Menlo Park. “About a year ago, I received an email from a fellow youth minister who was forwarding an email from a school that concerned the Netflix series, 13 Reasons Why, which […]

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Christian and Muslim youth learn about each other’s traditions at Trinity Church in Menlo Park

Youth from Trinity Church in Menlo Park spent an afternoon with Muslim youth on Sunday, March 4, part of an on-going exploration that focuses on raising awareness about the lives and faith practices of the two groups. Last fall, the local Episcopal church began a year-long theme of Interfaith Harmony, which included  large-scale events such […]

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Tarek Mourad brings his understanding of Islam to Trinity Church in Menlo Park

An Egyptian by birth and practicing Muslim, Tarek Mourad is well aware of the misconceptions about Islam that are pervasive. He’ll be addressing those, among other aspects of his faith, at a series of classes held at Trinity Church in Menlo Park beginning January 8. The wider community is invited to attend. “Some of the […]

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