Lightning-damaged tree branches fall through rooftop of Menlo Park home

by Contributed Content on March 4, 2018

Portions of a Redwood tree fell through the roof of a Menlo Park home and onto the driveway last Thursday afternoon (March 1), piercing the roof to a second floor bedroom and damaging automobiles. No one was injured.

Crew from Menlo Fire Truck One gained access to the barn-style roof where they cut and removed branches from the Redwood tree so they could then cover the hole in the roof with a plywood patch and a tarp it to prevent water damage.

Firefighters were informed that the Redwood Tree had been struck by lightening in September of 2017, when it sustained significant damage to the upper 30-foot section of the tree. That section, which had since partially died, appears to have been what separated from the tree in storm winds Thursday.

After it was struck by lightning last year, PG&E determined that the tree was not a threat to the power line infrastructure that runs adjacent to the tree. The homeowners also contracted a private tree service to check the tree and perform any necessary trimming, according to a Menlo Fire press release.

Photo courtesy Menlo Fire  

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