Menlo Park Fire Protection District

An elderly man was pinned under a CalTrain locomotive at the Menlo Park train station yesterday after being hit while crossing Oak Grove Avenue.

The elderly man’s left leg, just above the knee, was partially under the front wheel of the 282,000 pound locomotive. The man was conscious, but appeared to be confused.

Menlo Fire Paramedic James Lennon said his femur appeared to be intact, but the legs muscle, tissue and skin were severely damaged. The man had also suffered a head wound and injury to at least one of his hands.

After re-powering the completely shut-down locomotive and building back all air pressure in-order to release the trains brakes, the train operator ever so slowly moved the locomotive backwards, as Paramedics worked to carefully free his leg.

The man was taken to Stanford Hospital’s Trauma Center.

Photos: Menlo Fire

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Menlo Park firefighters respond to three different fires on Thursday afternoon

Menlo Park firefighters were kept busy Thursday afternoon when three fires in three hours broke out. The first was an encampment fire in Menlo Park in an area known as the “Triangle” or the open space area bordered by Willow Road, Bayfront Expressway and University Avenue known to be the site of multiple encampments. The […]

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Encampment and neighboring grass fire in Menlo Park raises larger social issues according to Fire Chief Harold Schapelhouman

Numerous calls to Menlo Fire were received shortly after 11:00 am yesterday reporting “bushes on fire behind the [self storage] facility” and “homeless encampment fire.” Arriving on scene Menlo Fire Captain Hendrix and crew on Menlo Fire Engine 1 arrives on-scene at 11:19 am, reporting “heavy smoke visible and a working fire behind the storage […]

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Spotted: Menlo Fire “fly by” in Belle Haven neighborhood

Emails Menlo Park Fire Chief Harold Schapelhouman: “Are you tired of sheltering in place, especially now that the weather is nice, or perhaps the kids are driving you a little nuts, or is it someone very young or very old’s birthday? “Let us know, we still make house calls! These are tough and difficult times […]

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Spotted: Mutual thanks from Menlo Fire and Stanford healthcare workers

Emails Menlo Park Fire Chief Harold Schapelhouman: “We were invited to a public safety appreciation event at Stanford Hospital early Thursday morning during shift change, so our representative personnel could join with other Fire and Law Enforcement Agencies, primarily from Northern Santa Clara County and Southern San Mateo County, to thank our closest base hospital, trauma […]

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25 years after the Oklahoma City bombing – a quieter remembrance today in Menlo Park

Twenty five years after responding to the Oklahoma City Bombing, members of California Urban Search and Rescue Task Force 3 did not head back to Oklahoma City nor did they have a local service at the memorial they built at their Training Center in Menlo Park (pictured above), due to the COVID 19 pandemic. Sixty […]

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Menlo Fire’s Pandemic Emergency Response Unit goes in service

Captain Paramedic Jason Martin and Engineer Carlos Carpenter became the first two firefighters to staff the Menlo Park Fire Protection District’s new Pandemic Emergency Response Unit. Perhaps the first of its kind in the nation, this unit will only respond to all suspected COVID-19 incidents in the Fire District. As a result, hopefully only two […]

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Menlo Fire implements changes to their safety equipment and procedures to slow community spread of COVID-19

With six personnel, out of just under 100 firefighters placed off duty in the last few weeks, until either their COVID-19 test comes back negative, or they are symptom free after a 14-day self-isolation period, the Menlo Park Fire Protection District is trying to navigate, prepare and prevent, an unexpected draw down on its most […]

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Viewpoint: Atherton residents – let your voices be heard about town’s policies on taxation & “fiscal equity”

Editor’s note: Peter Carpenter, author of this post, is a former Director of the Menlo Park Fire Protection District (2002-2018) who lived in Atherton for 36 years before relocating to Menlo Park last year. Over five years ago, the Atherton Town Council made two incredible decisions. First, they appointed themselves as the overseers of how every […]

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Robert Jones is the new Board President of the Menlo Park Fire Protection District

East Palo Alto resident Robert Jones is the new Board President of the Menlo Park Fire Protection District, following a unanimous vote by fellow Board members. Director Jones has a background in real estate and was a founder of EPA CAN DO, whose mission is to create affordable housing and to promote community and economic […]

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Menlo Fire celebrates 25 years of paramedic first response

Twenty five years ago, the Menlo Park Fire Protection District became the first Fire Agency in San Mateo County to provide Advanced Life Support (ALS) Fire Paramedic’s on all of its seven front line fire engines. That collective push took an additional 12e years of effort beforehand. The Fire District provides essential emergency services and […]

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