Carrie and Colin Jenkins bid good-by to Menlo Park, but their store, Occasions, etc…, will continue virtually

by Linda Hubbard on June 5, 2018

The most Menlo of all Menlo downtown merchants — Carrie and Colin Jenkins both grew up here and they’ve raised three children here — are soon packing up and leaving the retail store, Occasions, etc…, they’ve operated for 26 years. Friday, June 8, will be the start of their final clearance sale.

At the end of June, a truck will pull up in front of their Menlo Park home, and they’ll be off to Corvallis, Oregon. And to the relief of long-time customers, they’ll be taking their business with them.

“We have all of our customer files, so we can continue to fulfill orders,” said Colin.

Quipped Carrie: “We started in our garage and are going back to our garage. We already take a lot of orders via email.”

The close to three decades they’ve supplied locals with first sports trophies and then also personalized gifts, holds a lot of memories. Thinking of the oddest order, they recalled the time they bronzed a bagel. They also remember Shirley Temple Black coming in a buying a plastic Oscar. They didn’t ask why.

Carrie and Colin have been thinking about making a move out of the Bay Area for awhile. Their youngest is now a sophomore, and he was amenable to relocating and finishing his final two years at the well-rated Corvallis High School.

“Colin has been working six days a week for 15 years,” said Carrie. “But we love what we’re doing and love our customers. Kids we knew are now buying things for their babies.”

The cite their great landlord as another reason they’ve stayed in  business. Colin said he’ll miss his fellow merchants along Santa Cruz Avenue as well as the with the near perfect Menlo Park weather.

Carrie also will miss walking down the street and running into at least one person she knows. But she has high hopes for Corvallis. “The people are so nice and friendly. They stop and introduce themselves, so they don’t stay strangers long!”

Photo by Irene Searles (c) 2018


Maria Flaherty June 08, 2018 at 9:27 pm

Thank you Colin for all the wonderful trophies you
Made for M-A Lacrosse I will miss stopping by the shop for advice and hope to see you again. Maria Flaherty

Michelle L. Isaacs March 02, 2020 at 4:59 pm

Hello Colin and Carrie,
I am very happy for you both and your move. I am more happy that you are still excepting some orders. My coworker who ordered our golf trophies each year, Terry Catania, retired this past Dec and also moved to Oregon, the west south corner (I can’t remember exactly right now). I have no idea who will be doing our golf tournaments for us. I am hoping we will be able to use you to for the trophies.
I just wanted to say hi for now and I will be in touch soon.
Michelle Isaacs
Veterans Healthcare Menlo Park

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