Hallie Mrizek from Peet’s Menlo Park wins the 2019 Barista Competition

by Linda Hubbard on October 16, 2019

Telling a beautiful coffee love story featuring Single Origin Costa Rica as the main character, Hallie Mrizek from Peet’s Menlo Park on Santa Cruz Avenue won the 2019 Barista Competition. Her presentation was a combination of calm coolness and meticulous technical skills.

She impressed the crowd by serving a chilled espresso beverage with honey lavender, chilled frothed coconut milk, topped with fresh lemon whipped cream, served in a white chocolate coated waffle cone as the drinking vessel.

Hallie has been with Peet’s since December 2017. She is not only a barista, but an Origins trainer (teaches coffee and tea workshops for her district; can certify baristas within the district). She is also a musician skilled at playing multiple instruments.

The annual barista competition begins in Peet’s coffee bars with nominations and then competitions. Winners advance to compete in their district competition, district winners advance to compete in their regional competition, and then finally the regional winners compete at the company finals.

Peet’s has 400 locations nationwide. About 15-20 people competed at the coffee bar level with 10-12 competing at the district level and six people competing regionally. The finals took place at Peet’s headquarters in Emeryville. This was Hallie’s second year competing; last year she made it to the regional level competition.

Photo courtesy of Peet’s

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Carla Strauch October 17, 2019 at 6:09 pm

Hallie way to go. This is so good to see . Keep the good accomplishments going. Love it carla

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