Resolution Reboot 2020 attendees kick off a healthy new decade

by Judy Horst on February 2, 2020

With an eye to the new decade, Resolution Reboot took place for its second year on Friday, January 31, at the Allied Arts Guild in Menlo Park.

Planned and organized by health and nutrition coach Michelle DeWolf of The Festive Table (pictured above, left)  more than 20 local organizations and service providers participated, each presenting various ways to achieve “mini-goals”.

“Our goal is to get people to go beyond setting New Year’s Resolutions to become healthier or exercise more,” said Michelle, who is a Menlo Park resident. ‘We encourage people to set mini resolutions that are achievable. Along the way, short term goals become healthy habits, leading to a more balanced, healthier person.”

On hand were chiropractors, physical therapists, fitness trainers, yoga instructors, skin care specialists, nutritionists, coaches in parent/family relationship and college advising — even a travel planner and financial advisor. Attendees  sampled a variety of nutritious meals and snacks offered by several participants.

Coaching workshops and presentations by each participant inside the venue were topped off by Progressive Motion Physiotherapy’s Kinstretch workout session held outdoors.

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