A bit of cheer on National Puppy Day courtesy of two local photographers

by Linda Hubbard on March 23, 2020

These photos bring a smile to my face — and hopefully to yours.  They’re the result of a happenstance meeting between two InMenlo contributing photographers, Irene Searles and Laura Hamilton, who live just a few miles apart in Woodside and Ladera respectively.

“I’d gone for a walk along Portola Rd. with my new camera and saw a woman and girl with a darling puppy,” says Irene. “As I got closer I realized it was Laura.”

The puppy, named Beau Ranger Hamilton (Beau for short) is a sheepadoodle who found a home with the Hamiltons last week. “The puppy training is going pretty well, and he’s a smart little guy!” reports Laura.

“[My daughter] Linden and I wanted to get out and take some wildflower photos with Beau. She’s trying to keep up her art class and get credit for distance learning at La Entrada.

“So I took photos of her and she took photos of me. It was a great way to get out and be creative! And what a wonderful time to teach your kids to find inspiration.”
Top and bottom photo by Irene; Linden and Beau by Laura; Laura and Beau by Linden (c) 2020

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