Signs of Spring: Nutthall’s woodpecker nest in cactus garden on Stanford campus

by Robb Most on May 22, 2020

My wife Timi and I have been walking on the Stanford campus. We decided to head to the cactus garden where there is the statue of the grieving angel.

On the way, I ran into a wonderful friend, Bob Siegel,  who I took nature photography from. He showed me the nest of a Nuttall’s woodpecker, and I went back later to photograph it.

The woodpecker is very fast, and to get the shots, I had to wait for it to come feed the chicks. Sometimes I was just standing there for a long time. I had the camera on rapid shots since this bird really moves!

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John Geibel May 23, 2020 at 10:09 am

We had lots of woodpeckers before the medfly spraying in the early 1980’s. For a number of years after, we seldom saw woodpeckers of any kind.

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