Go Fund Me campaign underway for The Pet Place which is closing at the end of the month

by Contributed Content on June 15, 2020

Writes Lynn and Marc Macy:  “It is with overwhelming sadness we are announcing the closure of The Pet Place at the end of June. We are heartbroken and it is one of the most difficult decisions in our life.

“In the past few years, the internet has severely impacted our business. Maintaining competitive prices, rising costs, and rent ($16,000/month) have caused financial hardship. Since we are not a corporation or funded by venture capitalists – just a husband and wife team, local and independent – we have had to use our retirement savings the past few years to cover costs, all with the hope things would turn around.

“The pandemic is and has caused a tremendous strain. Even though we were allowed to be open, as an essential business, there was a huge amount of lost income for those months, including paying full rent, employee wages, regular overhead, and more.

“The pandemic is also making closure a logistical and financial nightmare. We are very worried because we were counting on the liquidation to replenish depleted savings, pay bills, and cover the closure costs. Most businesses during this crisis time certainly will not be thinking about buying inventory, fixtures, equipment etc. A close-out sale will also be adversely affected by the social distancing restrictions.

“We find ourselves in a difficult and humbling position. We have always been there to help others, now we need help. In an effort to alleviate some of the financial hardship, we have started a GoFundMe.com fundraising campaign. If you care to donate, please do so online.

“The other factor for closing: It is time. After 28 years of working six days a week, sometimes seven, without any vacation, we are simply worn out. The business has been physically demanding (Marc has had three full joint knee replacement surgeries, and deals with daily neck and back pain. Lynn has growing back and knee pain as well as arthritis in the hands) and also very emotional because of the level of personal involvement with our beloved customers and animals.

“Ours is not a business where you just lock the door at closing and go home. There is a profound bond bond with the community. We have given everything we can, for as long as we can, pouring our hearts and souls into The Pet Place, a true labor of love. Life is passing so quickly and we need to slow things down. We have many interests and hobbies and want more time with family and friends. Mostly we just want to hang out in, and work in our garden with our kitties and the wildlife.

“Over the 28 years, we have made so many friends, have seen families grow-up, shared laughter and tears, and have been there, most importantly, for joyful beginnings, heartbreaking endings, and everything in between. You and your animals have been our passion and our life. Thank you for being a part of The Pet Place family, all of your support, and providing us with your love and caring. It has been an honor and a privilege serving you. We will always treasure the wonderful memories.

“‘Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened’ Anatole France”

Photos courtesy of The Pet Place

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A. Lee June 21, 2020 at 9:00 am

The Pet Place has been one of those amazing, only-in-Menlo cherished businesses. From a scout camp song: “We’re sorry you’re going away, we wish that you could stay.” …Thank you!

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