TDB Family Foundation announces its first Lens of Hope film series

by Linda Hubbard on July 12, 2023

The TDB Family Foundation announced its first programs presenting Lens of Hope films in partnership with two local film festivals, the Bravemaker Film Festival in Redwood City on July 14 and the Beach Break Film Festival in Half Moon Bay on July 15.

The new foundation was formed to help under-served communities thrive by inspiring and enabling acts of kindness and messages of hope. The foundation’s initial focus is on films that inspire hope, music that celebrates excellence, and programs that reach targeted needs of under-served communities.

“We know that films can spur local action in the community through our experience with the Windrider Bay Area Film Forum,” says Atherton resident Terri Bullock (pictured), Founder and President of the TDB Family Foundation. “But we wanted to make the linkage between the on-screen messages and taking action much more tangible. Bringing together these stories of social impact and hope, along with the non-profits addressing these issues, is essential to fomenting action and delivering programs that change lives.”

The initial events present three documentary short films, Finding Ubuntu, Barefoot Empress, and Developing Our Future, and highlight the non-profit organizations that they are partnering with to address the issues of education, equity, and opportunity that each film details.

Finding Ubuntu (22 minutes) directed by Annette King and Ishmael Azeli

A documentary produced by the Palo Alto-based Splicer films, the film spotlights the personal journey of a Congolese refugee, Maick Mutej, who emerges as a human rights advocated and unexpected hero for thousands of refugees in Malawi while in the midst of his own crisis. Maick’s passion and resiliency is inspired by the Ubuntu philosophy, “I am because we are,” embracing our shared humanity and interdependence.

Barefoot Empress (15 minutes) directed by internationally acclaimed Chef Vikas Khanna, in partnership with Producer, Doug Roland, and Executive Producer, Dr. Deepak Chopra

The astonishing story of Karthyayani Amma, an elderly Indian woman, who did not go to school as a child, grew up in poverty, lived a very difficult life, and persevered to pursue her dream of finally going to school in her mid-nineties. Amma’s story is a vivid reminder that people of all ages can achieve great things.

Developing Our Future (24 minutes) directed by Goran Zaneti and Matthieu Brajot with the Bay Area-based Burn A Light Productions

A group of high school and college students join a real estate development program to lean about how they can share their own futures, take an active role in addressing affordable housing challenges, and become leaders of their communities. The program, the Presidio Bay Real Estate Development Scholarship Program, aims to bring more diversity into the industry by empowering youth from underrepresented communities and teaching them how to be agents of positive change.

The foundation’s mission is to create pathways for youth in our communities which gives them a voice at the table to shape and build neighborhoods and cities as the future generation of leaders and agents of positive change. The vision for this initiative is to serve as a model that can be expanded throughout the Bay Area and nationwide to touch a generation of students, and in doing so, create a more equitable future that reflects the values and needs of our communities. (The program will be expanding to include a Menlo Park/South Bay-based initiative in 2024.)

 Friday, July 14, 12:00 – 2:30 pm

Chan Zuckerberg Initiative, 801 Jefferson Avenue, Redwood City. Hosted by the BraveMaker Film Festival and the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative

Panel participants include Annette King (Director, Finding Ubuntu and Founder/CEO, Splicer Films), Matthieu Brajot (Creative Director, Developing Our Future), and Alexis Stewart (Program Coordinator, Presidio Bay Foundation)

$25 for Luncheon, Panel Discussion and General Admission ticket to films.

Tickets available at

Saturday, July 15, 6:00 – 9:00 pm

Coastal Repertory Theatre, 1167 Main Street, Half Moon Bay. Hosted by the Beach Break Film Festival and the Coastal Repertory Theatre

Panel participants include Annette King (Director, Finding Ubuntu and Founder/CEO, Splicer Films), Matthieu Brajot (Creative Director, Developing Our Future), Kabir Seth (Managing Principal, Presidio Bay Ventures), and Mei Clark (Executive Director, Coastside Children’s Program). Moderated by Will Stoller-Lee (Executive Director, TDB Family Foundation

$5 General Admission ticket to films (starting at 7:00 pm); $40 VIP Reception (6;00 – 7:00 pm) and ticket to films

Tickets available at

Photo of Terri Bullock by Robb Most (c) 2023

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