Chef Michael Sigmon oversees Team Minée

by Linda Hubbard on August 29, 2023

Michael Sigmon refers to himself as a “chocolate making chef.” But that’s a bit limiting because he also makes coffee

“I roast my own coffee as well as processing the beans for the bars,” he explains. “I only roast what I use. And I only roast what I sell.”

The classically-trained chef who has worked at Relais and Chateau properties first arrived in the Bay Area to work as  private chef. Locals who journey to Santa Cruz may have encountered him at the Windmill Cafe which he owned for about a decade ending in 2019.

Now the Menlo Park resident works in what he describes as a 500-square foot “factory” he built. He calls his company Team Minée, named  for Michael and his partner Renee Fadiman.

He explains: “Using beans from Ecuador, I do it all from scratch: Grind for five days. Age for three months. And then I make the bars which are wrapped it in color foils.”

Michael says his labels are female empowering, featuring different characters from around the world. He’s making a new milk chocolate bar for his mother, Marsha. And later, there will be another bar named for Renee’s mother, Dorothy. The complete lineup due this fall includes six bars and three coffees.

On Saturday, September 2, you can meet Michael in person at the Willows Market (60 Middlefield Ave.) in Menlo Park where he will be sampling the demitasse blend coffee as well as the chocolate bars.

Both coffee and bars are also available at Sigona’s at the Stanford Shopping Center and in Redwood City.

Photo by Robb Most (c) 2023

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