Why is Menlo Park so oak obsessed?

by Linda Hubbard on July 31, 2009

As previously noted in this space, Menlo Park is all about oak trees. The city logo features an oak, street and neighborhoods include the word oak. If you’re a resident with a heritage oak on your property, there are guidelines on how it should be pruned and permission must be granted if you want to remove it. But apart from the plentifulness of the California live oak within the town limits, it’s a mystery why oaks and Menlo Park became near synonymous. We do know that local oaks are a good subject for an arty photograph, this one by Chris Gulker.

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Ken Rayment November 08, 2010 at 8:12 pm

Hi my name is Ken Rayment in Melbourne Australia. I found your photo of a large gum tree silloetted against the sky. I would love permission to use this photo in a workbook we are creating and possibly on the accompaning DVD. I head up Impact Ministries, a not for profit organisiation creating educational resouces used in churches. We feature the oak tree very strongly as part of our ‘Growing to Maturity’ course.
Thankyou for your consideration in this matter.

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