Crab from Cook’s: a seasonal treat

by Chris Gulker on November 17, 2009

DSC_5221Veteran counterman Dan Dowler is in his 37th crab season at Cook’s Seafood, the iconic fish market and restaurant that’s been a presence in Menlo since 1928.  Dan reports that Cook’s crab comes only from local Half Moon Bay fishermen and that the market is very careful about buying from well-known and reliable providers.

Cook’s famous crab sign went out on El Camino yesterday, and Dan says that the fisherman were very optimistic about this year’s catch – the crabs are fully mature with nicely developed legs, and the first catch was bigger than hoped for.

The crabs, available live or cooked, are currently selling for $7.99 per pound, but Dan cautions that the price can fluctuate over the course of the season, which ends in June.

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Scott Loftesness November 17, 2009 at 5:50 pm

We need some wine pairing recommendations to go with the crab! Here’s what Sunset recommended a while back (other than Chardonnay). By the way, that crab Dan’s holding is huge!


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