Spotted: Nose to nose in Menlo Park, but 80 years apart

by Chris Gulker on February 10, 2010

They both have four wheels and four cylinders, and the caché of being a much-desired mode of transportation in their era, and the two happened to be parked nose-to-nose in the parking lot of the Menlo Park Trader Joe’s.

The green car is thought to be a Ford Model A coupe, circa 1930, and the red one is a new Toyota Prius, circa 2010. The Prius has a moon roof, the Model A has a windshield that opens for that wind-in-your face feel. The Prius has a roomy back seat, the Ford has (we think) a rumble seat under its back hatch. Where else but Menlo would one see state-of-the art rides akimbo, though nearly a century separates their relative technologies?

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