Drive by photography

A strange and startling sight is currently ensconced in an asphalt area at the junction of Sand Hill Road and Whiskey Hill Road in Woodside, causing passing drivers to do a double take.

The last of the late Jacque Littlefield’s tank collection is being readied for a journey to the Collings Foundation in Massachusetts.

An engineer by profession, Littlefield assembled the largest private collection of armored military vehicles.  They were kept in a series of custom built, football field size warehouses at his estate on multiple acres in the hills above Portola Valley. A team from InMenlo toured the collection in 2011.

Littlefield’s family donated the tanks and other equipment to the Coillings Foundation after his death in 2009. The foundation auctioned some of the tanks off in 2014 in order to build a military vehicle museum in Stow, Massachusetts.

Tomorrow morning, the last of the tanks will hit the road for their cross country journey. InMenlo contributing photographer Betsy Sergeant Snow reports: “They’re staging here to put all the wheels on the trucks. The cost to move each tank is estimated to be $60,000.

“The ‘501’ was retrieved from a river in Poland after departing Russia, traveling over ice that eventually broke through, hence the plunge.”

The tanks will be housed at the American Heritage Museum at the Collings Foundation with a projected late 2018 opening. According to the Foundation’s website, “When complete, the world-class museum will feature over 85 unique and rare tanks, vehicles, and artillery from all eras and nations in a one-of-a kind immersive and engaging experience, never before seen in a museum of this type.”

Photos by Betsy Sergeant Snow (c) 2018


Riding with the Ford Model A’s along the streets of Atherton

InMenlo reader Doug Andserson tipped us off to a Ford Model A “roundup” yesterday afternoon, and we were able to stop by to get a few shots of these cars and drivers as they headed out on an annual drive from Atherton down to Los Altos for an ice cream social. The drive was organized […]

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Spotted: Skateboards in rack at Hillview School

Sometimes art is where you find it, a combination of shape and light. We thought so when we spied a jumble of skateboards in a rack at Hillview School earlier this week. We’re guessing the rack will stand empty for the next few days, given the holiday weekend. Photo by Irene Searles

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Spotted: Bee removal at Menlo Park’s Trader Joe’s

What’s that man in white doing on a ladder leading up to a tree adjacent to the parking lot at Menlo Park’s Trader Joe’s? Removing a swarm of bees, we’re told, wearing little protective gear, we note. Folks trying to pick up groceries or dinner on their way home from work early this evening were […]

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More awesome Fall colors on the streets of Menlo

Neddie Barnett sent in a great selection of fall foliage photos taken in and around Menlo Park. Here are two of her best, taken on Laurel St. near Burgess Park. Hard not agree that our streets are at their prettiest now, just in time for Thanksgiving visitors. Photos by Neddie Barnett

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Spotted: Remembering 9/11 at Menlo Park fire station

The lawn in front of the downtown Menlo Park fire station is filled with flags on this day we remember the terrorists attacks 10 years ago. The fire trucks are all sporting “FDNY IN MEMORY” signs as well. Menlo Park Fire District Chief Harold Schapelhouman and his crew were part of the clean up crew […]

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Spotted: The ever dwindling neighborhood mailbox

If you value your neighborhood mailbox — and want it to stay put — then start using it to mail letters. At least that’s the message in an article in today’s San Francisco Chronicle, which says: “If a mailbox gets fewer than 25 pieces of mail per day over a six-to-eight-week period, it gets targeted […]

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Spotted: Little dog, big truck

Earlier today a trucker from Desmond, Iowa parked his mammoth eight-wheeler in front of Oak Knoll School. He was there, he said, to make a delivery of benches to the school. But that’s not what really caught our eye. Rather it was the sight a small poodle dog sitting in the big king cab. When […]

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Race cars in Menlo? Yes, goldRush Rally bound

More than one person pulled over on Middle Ave mid-afternoon today to gawk at three races cars being loaded into a huge racing van. What was going on? The van driver explained the three cars, owned by a Menlo Park resident who lived nearby, were bound for Denver and the goldRush Rally, including the Lamborghini […]

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Spotted: Gnome making his way around Menlo’s western hills

If you’re traveling around SLAC,  you might catch a glimpse of an elusive gnome. The tight-lipped traveler was most recently spied keeping an eye on traffic from his vantage point in front of the guest parking lot, but he’s also been seen across the street near the Kavli auditorium, as well as various other locations […]

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Spotted: “Old school” in Atherton

Given that some of Silicon Valley’s wealthiest and most famous executives live in Atherton – all who are used to communicating 24/7 via wireless devices – it was amusing to see a bit of “old school” on the corner of Atherton Ave. and Selby Lane. Protected from the elements by a roof of sorts, sits […]

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