Mara Young: Sewing as healing and creative art

by Linda Hubbard on February 15, 2011

Being a seamstress makes sense to Mara Young, who’s been sewing since she was 13. “I enjoy fixing things,” she says.”Some people like tearing things down, I like making things, Sewing is a kind of healing art as well as a creative art.”

Two years ago, she opened Sew ‘N Go on El Camino in Menlo Park, a sliver of a shop that’s cluttered with all things sewing, including vintage machines. Her clients come to her for a variety of tasks, from hemming a pair of pants to designing a wedding dress.

“I enjoy the process of making something unique,” she says. “Sewing in itself can be quite tedious, but the process of putting together the final product is what makes it enjoyable.”

Occasionally she needs to turn down business, like the time a woman came to her with a vintage dress that she wanted to make larger. “It would have ruined the integrity of the garment, I just couldn’t do it,” she says.

For Menlo Park and Atherton residents, Mara offers free home service. She’ll spend time inventorying a wardrobe, making adjustments, and delivering the finished garments back to the client. She’s also starting sewing classes, with a focus on reconstructing garments.

“I was international flight attendant for 27 years – for Pan Am and United and enjoyed it,” she says. But I was always sewing. It’s been a constant throughout my life.”

Sew ‘N  Go is located at 1458 El Camino; because Mara is in and out of the shop, it’s best to call first: (650) 393-0322.


Jessica Leake March 04, 2011 at 5:58 am

This sounds like a great shop and a very great lady! I wish I lived closer and could glean from all her know-how! I’m foraging my way through all this sewing stuff as a novice but I am having fun. I loved this article!

Ann Schieber March 04, 2011 at 9:40 am

I love sewing anything. I am at my Bernina or seger around 30 or more hours a week. I make quilt tops for my church to tie into comforters and then they are given to the needy. I use donated fabric mostly so takes time to press and cut as people donate what is left from projects they have started or do. Sometimes I get a large piece and when I open the fabric out, they have gone into the center or partway and cut out only a small section that they wanted only that piece. Then you have to cut around it. I start out with 9 1/2″ squares, then 9″ and so forth until I have only very small pieces left. Just keep using all the fabric as much as possible. Wish someone would do my housework and I would sew more. Have a great Day!!!

Geri Ann March 04, 2011 at 11:09 am

I’ve been sewing since I was 8 yrs old. Learned on my grandmothers Singer tridle Machine. For me sewing is my therapy for relaxation. When my 6 kids were little, I use to sew for them all (4 girls and 2 boys) that was 20 yrs. For the last 10 yrs, it’s been less. Now that I have grandbabies it’s increase once again. I look forward to it once again.

barb diemer March 05, 2011 at 3:15 am

Hi, Happy sewers are happy people. I have been sewing since I was around 13 years old., I made all of my clothes, dresses, skirts, blouses, coats and prom dresses. I had 7 daughters and 2 sons, sewed for them all. I have my own business doing alterations and crafts also. Sewing is time to pray , sing and some time evens get up and dance. I also play a guitar. This makes me HAPPY too.

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