A Walk through Menlo Park’s Allied Arts with the new Fujifilm X-E2

by Scott Loftesness on November 30, 2013

Yesterday’s article by Linda about Menlo Park’s Allied Arts reminded me about what a beautiful place it is.

After running some errands yesterday afternoon, I stopped by Allied Arts for a walk through the grounds. I had my new Fujifilm X-E2 “mirrorless” camera with me – and captured a few images with it using the “kit” lens – an 18-55mm Fujinon zoom.

Hope you enjoy these photos! If you’re interested in camera gear, I wrote an earlier article for InMenlo about this new camera – and I’ve also been collecting more of my images from this new X-E2 in this Flickr set. You can also follow more of my photography adventures on my personal blog at: http://sjl.us

And, be sure you make a visit to Allied Arts during this holiday season! The merchants and artisans there will appreciate it!






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Mark D. December 05, 2013 at 12:23 pm

Enjoy your photos and am contemplating the purchase of a Fujifilm camera, as well (perhaps the X-Pro1 or its successor). Please continue to share your work and your thoughts on the camera/system. Regards,

Mark D.

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