Connoisseurs’ Marketplace is taking place this weekend in downtown Menlo Park

by Linda Hubbard on July 18, 2015

We headed downtown this morning to check out the 29th Connoisseurs’ Marketplace which spreads from Johnson St. to El Camino Real today and tomorrow. Hours both days are from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm.

Soni Bergman_2015Along the way we caught up with two Menlo Park-based artists, photographer Fred Mertz (booth 919) and jewelry maker Soni Bergman (pictured right; booth 915). Just a couple of booths down, we met  another jewelry maker, Sasha Samuels (top; both 905), who splits her time between Menlo and Portland. We promised to follow up with her after the show to learn more about her craft — and her paintings.

This year we sampled neither beer nor wine, but did stop by and talk to the folks at Lockeford Sausage. This amazing butcher in Lockeford, CA., has a fabulous variety of sausages if you’re ever in the area. Or stop by and sample the smoked brat they’ve brought to Menlo. Their food stand is almost at El Camino.

At the either end of the street near Fremont Park, we bought a carnitas Wa Ha Ka Bowl from Oaxacan Kitchen Mobile. Added to the meat was the usual rice, black beans, avocado and queso fresco but what made it super special — and delicious — was the kale and sweet potato. Just different enough to be a winner!

Presented by the Menlo Park Chamber of Commerce, the complete lineup of vendors taking part in the Connoisseurs’ Marketplace is available online. Side note: you can buy a nifty pictorial history of Menlo Park at the Chamber booth at Fremont Park for $20.

Photo of Sasha Samuels by Dennis Nugent

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