Checking out the newly ADA compliant Dutch Goose

by Kate Flanagan on July 27, 2015

Since opening in 1966, The Dutch Goose has been an iconic landmark  in and around Menlo Park. This year it has a new look, inside and out. Owner Greg explains that the restaurant “got sued for discriminating against handicapped people,” and subsequently needed to renovate the building in order to provide access. [Editor’s note: According to the Almanac News, the man who sued the Goose has sued numerous establishments. For more details, read the article.]

As a result of this lawsuit, the Dutch Goose now has lower countertops, a wheelchair lift, remodeled restrooms — and homemade pizza. The addition onto the back of the building houses “everything that we lost below to ADA,” such as refrigerators and offices.

Dutch Goose_middle photo

Greg, a Menlo-Atherton High School alumni who has owned the Goose the past decade, describes the lawsuit as a “blessing in disguise,” as it provided him with an outlet “to remove barriers to entry to [make the Dutch Goose] accessible to everyone.” In fact, he emphasizes that the community’s response to the renovation has been completely positive. “[We’ve] seen a lot more disabled people,” he says with a smile. “Food production is quicker” as well.

Though he doesn’t have any major plans for the future, Greg maintains his original attitude regarding the Dutch Goose: “My goal when I came was to preserve the Goose. I don’t want to make drastic changes, but you have to adjust with the neighborhood.”

Dutch Goose_end photo


Sheralee July 27, 2015 at 8:43 am

Dutch Goose is where my son worked part-time during the school year when he was going to Stanford University. He’d said that Greg was a nice to work for. My son was earning money for Stanford University’s textbooks while attending Stanford U full-time in mathematical economics.
Sheralee Hill Iglehart

Tom Schubin July 27, 2015 at 10:11 am

Greg has always been someone who helps others. I’m proud to say I have know the family over 35 years. I’m glad to see the new direction the Goose has taken and still maintained its hometown roots. I look forward to seeing the changes when I am back in town.

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