All the rain causes flooded roadways and a close watch on San Francisquito Creek

by Linda Hubbard on February 7, 2017

The pounding overnight rain continued into Tuesday causing road closures and San Francisquito Creek to be at its highest level in years.

Reports InMenlo weather watcher Bill Russ at 3:30 pm today: “Another .4″ since my morning report, That is 1.8″ for this storm. Now 22.8″ season-to-date.”

Among the road closures that occurred:

  • Marsh Rd exits @ Hwy 101 eastbound traffic was diverted for a period of time due to flooding at Haven Ave/Marsh Rd.
  • Camino De Los Robles in Atherton was closed in both directions due to a downed tree on a power line. The road was closed at Camino al Lago.

Shortly after 1:30 pm, a warning was issued that the level of San Francisquito Creek at Pope St/Chaucer St in Menlo Park was expected to reach 90% of its capacity, although not expected to spill its banks The level of the  Creek can be monitored at

After noon, Atherton reminded that during a lull in the rain  is the time to gather up storm precautions (sandbags, etc.) and prepare again. Staff continues to monitor storm drains and inlets for debris, clearing as necessary.

Residents of both town are urged to  use caution if crossing a flooded area and stay alert for debris. Hazards will continue even after the rain has stopped with trees and hillside areas becoming less stable.

Photo of San Francisquito Creek at San Mateo Drive bike bridge by Scott Loftesness



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