Cordon Bleu chef Claudia Geoly is now a baker of Noble Treat dog biscuits

by Linda Hubbard on September 6, 2017

If it’s food/cooking/baking related, do all roads lead through a combination of Jesse Cool/Flea St., Chris Rivera/Angel Heart, and Beth Ann Goldberg/Studio Cake?

That seemed to be reaffirmed during a recent visit with Cordon Bleu chef Claudia Geoly during a dog biscuit baking session at Studio Cake’s kitchen in Menlo Park.

Yes, you read that correctly, dog biscuits. But Claudia’s local journey began with a five-year stint at Flea Street Cafe followed by teaching cooking classes in Angel Heart’s kitchen.

“When I wasn’t teaching a class, I’d test stuff,” explained Claudia. “And that’s how the dog biscuits came about.”

She adds that she had further motivation to make a healthy and tasty biscuit while attempting to train her rescue dog Diego. “I  was working so hard on getting him to do what I wanted him to do,” she recalled. “I’d make some chicken liver bacon pâté, saved it, and made a dough out of it.”

Her Noble Treat dog biscuits continue to be made with human grade ingredients that include bacon, unbleached flour, chicken liver, chicken broth, fine corn meal, egg whites and parsley. They come bone-shapped or as training strips and are available every other week at the Portola Valley Farmers’ Market (she’ll be there this Thursday, Sept. 7) and also at Bow Wow Meow in Menlo Park as well as seasonally at Neiman Marcus during the store’s Santa Paws event.

For the record, Claudia has not abandoned cooking for people entirely. She teaches classes out of her home kitchen and does small event catering (under 25 people). “I love to cook and teaching and doing a bit of catering keeps me sane,” she said.

Photos by Robb Most (c) 2017

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