Music Festival followed by a talk about carbon offsets

by Linda Hubbard on May 15, 2019

Who says science and religion can’t mix? They’ll do so nicely at Trinity Church in Menlo Park on May 19 when a Festival of Music is followed by a talk on carbon offsets.

“We offer the Festival of Music to celebrate our many musicians and singers at Trinity, and the wide variety of sacred music that is offered, from classical, traditional choral pieces to Bluegrass and contemporary music,” said the church’s rector, The Rev. Matthew Dutton-Gillett. “It’s really a concert set within a context of some prayers; we don’t have a sermon or our usual Communion service. It’s truly a celebration of music that anyone who appreciates music can enjoy.”

The Festival, free and open to the public, begins at 10:00 am. Trinity Church is located at 330 Ravenswood Ave in Menlo Park.

It will be followed (approximately 11:30 am) by a talk given by carbon offset expert Erin Craig of 3 Degrees.

Flying a few times a year generates so much CO2 that it can easily wipe out heroic reductions we make doing things like driving an EV or installing solar.

For those who must fly, there are offsets. What is a carbon offset? How much do they cost and where do I buy them? These are the questions that will be answered. The presentation is open to the community at large.

“We engage in many activities which contribute to climate change, for which there is no easy substitute or mitigation — including air travel,” said Erin. “Choosing to buy carbon offsets is a path which recognizes the magnitude of your personal impact, enables you to make thoughtful choices, and helps lighten our global climate emissions over time. For many people, they represent a good option.”


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CK May 16, 2019 at 3:37 pm

This has no place in any church.

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