Local Design Tech students plan TedX Design Tech High School with theme “Press Play”

by Contributed Content on May 20, 2019

Design Tech High School will host its second TedX Design Tech High School event at the Oracle Conference Centre in Redwood Shores on Friday, May 24, at 4:00 pm. The conference topic this year is “Press Play.”

Adelyn Chen (pictured at last year’s, President of the TedX Design Tech High School Board said, “This year’s “Press Play” conference theme was founded on the Design Tech High School principle of bias towards action, coupled with a fundamental mindset of perseverance and working towards your goals. It is a very big-picture approach to the event and the theme is generally left open to interpretation so that we can accommodate a diverse range of ideas. We also furthered our theme from last year of “Imagine That”, in which we searched for new groundbreaking ideas – and this year we looked for implementation”.

The 2019 conference will feature business professionals. David Meltzer, CEO of Sports 1 Marketing will speak about ‘Find Your Frequency.’ Evan Nierman, Founder of Public Relations firm Red Banyan will present his talk ‘Never Tell The Truth.’ Lana Guernsey is a Digital Publications Teacher at Design Tech High School and her talk is titled ‘Earthquake: Harnessing Moments that Move You.’ Jack Ballinger is a motivational speaker and he will be talking about ‘Life is Short: Discover Your Passion.’

The students speakers include Karan Chahal from Evergreen Valley High School presenting a talk on ‘What is 5G and what can it do?’ Hezekia Smithstein is a Senior at Design Tech High School and will present a talk on ‘The risks aren’t all that risky,’ and the final student presenter is Dahlia Levy a Sophomore at Design Tech High School speaking about ‘How Can I find happiness in a world with so much fear?’

When asked what these TedX Events offer the students, Adelyn Chen said; “TEDxDesignTechHighSchool offers students the platform to express their wide-ranging ideas to a larger audience. In addition, the students involved in the planning develop a strong sense of community and come to know and love the TED mission. It is the opportunity for students who have grown up watching TED talks to experience it firsthand and have their eyes opened to new possibilities”.

Two Design Tech High students, Aiden Appleby, the Technical Director along with Jackson Lawrence, co-designed and developed the event website, where tickets can be purchased.

Photo courtesy of TEDX DTHS


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