Newest Menlo Park City Council member Jen Wolosin sworn in last night

by Linda Hubbard on December 16, 2020

The newest member of the Menlo Park City Council representing District Three, Jen Wolosin was sworn in last night. Absence the usual pomp, the ceremony took place at home with her family.

We asked her about immediate goals. She replied:

“I feel incredibly grateful and honored right now. As I mentioned in my little speech last night, the more I have put into this community, the more I have received. It has been such a joy to be involved and engaged in city affairs up until this point (I’ve met the most wonderful people and been so inspired), and it is an incredible privilege to be awarded the opportunity to serve the city in this new capacity.

“I hope others will get involved in whatever way works for them – from taking a city survey to attending meetings and/or serving on a city commission. This community is and belongs to all of us. The more we all participate and contribute, the more wonderful Menlo Park can be.

“Aside from my policy priorities that I discussed during the campaign (climate action, housing at all income levels, throughout the city, and safe streets – all with an eye on equity), my immediate priority is to LISTEN and LEARN. I expect this job to be a lot of work – and I’m ready to go!

“I also want to remind everyone to wear their masks and to not gather [per the lastest stay-at-home order issued today]. A lot about what makes this community great is that we look out for one another – and now is the time we really need to do just that.”

At the Dec. 14th meeting, Drew Coombs was named mayor, Betsy Nash was named vice mayor, Catherine Carlton was thanked for her years of service, and Ray Mueller was sworn in for this third term.

Photo courtesy of Jen Wolosin

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Heather Hopkins December 18, 2020 at 11:10 am

Welcome, Councilmember Wolosin!

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