Celebrating Menlo Park’s Irish roots on St. Patrick’s Day

by Linda Hubbard on March 17, 2022

As we do each year, we look back on Menlo Park’s Irish roots on St. Patrick’s Day.

Menlo Park resident Patrick Killelea did some on-the-spot reporting about the Irish Menlough — from which Menlo Park got its name — during a trip to Ireland. Here’s his account from a post first published in 2011.

And here’s a 2010 post based on research done some 45 years ago by Stanley Pearce who was compiling a history of Menlo Park’s  Trinity Church and, in doing so, recorded the town’s earliest beginnings in a book Lift Up Your Hearts. He writes about the original Menlo Park Gate and the Irishmen D.J. Olive’ and D.C. McGlynn.

Photo of flat spotted on Encina Ave. in Menlo Park by Linda Hubbard (c) 2022

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