Windy Hill’s Dakota Mower & Michelle Louie bring home the Blue in the $2,000 Windy Hill Equestrian in memory of Larry Mayfield Class

by Contributed Content on August 11, 2022

Day two of the Menlo Charity Horse Show was pure fun, thanks in part to one special class that Menlo enthusiasts look forward to all year long — the $2,000 Windy Hill Equestrian in Memory of Larry Mayfield class. In this horse and hound style event, everyone has a role in the ring — riders, horses, grooms — even the family pooch. The class is open to anyone who decides to join in on the fun, Amateurs through Professionals, who team up with their partner dog and handler.

The first half of the course consists of 1.20m jumps for horse and rider which are jumped as quickly and accurately as possible, and the second phase of the competition involves miniature dog-sized jumps that are tackled on foot by dog and handler. The pinnacle of the fun occurs when riders launch themselves from their horses to the ground, and run to tap the hound handler, who then speeds off to complete their portion of the relay. Whichever team completes the course fastest and with the fewest fences knocked down, wins.

Last night’s “hound” leg of the race had no shortage of entertainment, from one not-so-willing pup that slipped out of his collar and had to be carried through the remainder of the course, to a wipeout or two from a few of our two-legged contestants.

Winners of the $2,000 Windy Hill Equestrian in Memory of Larry Mayfield class are Windy Hill’s own head trainer Dakota Mower riding Charmeur Des Terdrix Z (pictured top), accompanied by Michelle Louie and Bilbo Baggins (pictured above). Dakota and Charmeur Des Terdrix Z put on an impressive performance, carefully racing through the 1.20 course designed by Alan Wade.

After their course, Dakota flew off of the horse’s back and onto the ground to tap in Michelle and Billy. The pair sprinted through the final leg of the race, with the Kerry Blue Terrier’s ears perked towards each jump. The team finished in first place with a speedy time of 65.789.

Photos courtesy of © GrandPix

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