Tree with 54,000 lights now graces Santa Cruz Avenue

by Linda Hubbard on December 29, 2022

It was on Christmas Eve that we first noticed a new, spectacularly lit tree on Santa Cruz Avenue close to Lemon Avenue.

A bit of digging reveals this wonderful Christmas story. Emails homeowner Judy whose tree is on her property:

“Yes, the ‘Tree’ is mine. I’m so glad you too feel it is ‘spectacular!’

“It is a 100’ redwood trimmed with 54,000 tiny lights. The “Tree” is in memory of my beloved partner, Dmitri Talaska, who passed away on Halloween.

“Braddock Eakes’ Holiday Tree Lights did the trimming. He had four men in the tree, two in a gigantic cherry picker, two on the ground prepping the strings of lights — and Brian pointing a laser pointer to show where additional lights were needed.

“Twelve hrs/day, noon to midnight, for three and one-half days. Plus an electrician.

“It was an adventure just to watch.

“The “Tree” is trimmed permanently with lights on during the dark months.

“I am thrilled by it. People have brought me gifts to thank me for it. And that is so touching.

“I look out the window, late at night and I say a little prayer to my dear Dmitri: ‘May you rest in peace and joy.'””

Editor’s note: The “featured image” only shows the top half of the tree. Click to see the full tree.

Photo by Robb Most (c) 2022

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Rebecca Barfknecht December 29, 2022 at 5:51 pm

What a gift to all of us! Thank you Judy!

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