Atherton Garden Guild places 192 tags identifying 25 native species at the Town Center

by Contributed Content on November 10, 2023

The native plants around Atherton Town Center are now easily identifiable thanks to the Atherton Garden Guild (AGG)! Their dedicated members set out to identify each perennial plant at the new Atherton Town Center and placed 192 easy-to-read, durable, and attractive labels, identifying 25 native species.

The tags include the plant’s common and botanical names creating a fun and interactive community walk-through garden, which deepens the experience. When visitors visit the town center, the plant label will help them identify plants so visitors can look for further plant care information. Check out the tags for your own garden inspiration!

Special thanks go to AGG Past President Joan Sanders for the idea, AGG President Patti Spezzaferro, and Nan Ray for their knowledge of plants, which proved essential for this task. The Guild also credits Suzanne Legallet and Town Arborist Sally Bentz for their horticulture input, Suzanne Van Ness and Ross Koningstein, for working on the installation.

Founded in 1966, AGG, a nonprofit corporation, is interested in home gardening, flower arranging, horticulture, and conservation. The Atherton Garden Guild maintains the rose garden in Holbrook Palmer Park. For information on the Atherton Garden Guild, please contact Patti Spezzaferro, President of Atherton Garden Guild, at

Photo by Robb Most (c) 2023

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Chris November 10, 2023 at 6:55 pm

Cotoneaster is not a native – locally nor of California.
I hope there are some natives at the Town Center.

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