Stacey Lim is cake baker extraordinaire

by Linda Hubbard on November 16, 2023

After finishing at Northeastern where she majored in theater, Stacey Lim headed to Chicago where she hoped to do “weird, strange, out there theater.” Facing her first cold Midwestern winter, she turned to baking. And she baked — and baked.

Pastry school beckoned, and after graduating she worked at various restaurants. Then nine years go she moved to Menlo Park with her husband who grew up here. After a few more restaurant gigs  — and the birth of two children — she got her cottage food license in the spring of 2020. Stacey now bakes and sells custom cakes through Sassy Molassey — and wow — are they creative! Take a look on Instagram.

“I was always drawn to creating in general,” she says. “And being in the kitchen has always been a comforting place.

“I find the start-to-finish process of baking fulfilling.  I get to create something new each time. And it’s really wonderful to be part of people’s celebrations.”

Note: If your planing a celebration, Stacey requires an order be place seven days prior to the event days, with earlier always better.

Now juggling motherhood — she has two grade school age children — along with cake baking, she plans to continue the custom cake business “in whatever form it fits my life.”

The best part to her: “I get to be a harbinger of joy!

Top photo at a pop-up at Cafe Zoë courtesy Matt Burr; cake photo courtesy of Sassy Molassey.

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Josephine Kamin November 17, 2023 at 10:26 am

Wow – gorgeous. Can’t wait to try a cake!

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