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InMenlo weather watcher Bill Russ has called Menlo Park home since 1952. He started measuring rainfall, using dual gauges in his backyard 14 years ago, because, he says, “It’s something old guys do.” When not occupied with the weather, Bill, with spouse Sally, applies his vigor to walks around Menlo and active participation at Menlo Park Presbyterian Church.

Bill has written 81 article(s) for InMenlo.

Happy New Year to all the InMenlo readers. With no rain in sight today, I feel confident providing a rain report as of 12-31-2014. My total since July 1st [the beginning of the rain calendar year] is 13.60″. That compares to 2.2″ as of 12-31-13.

A better comparison is 12-31-2010 when the figure was 9.25″. The 2010-2011 rain year was the last that exceeded 20″ in my backyard.

Right now San Jose shows 10.22″ and the SF Airport 13.38″. For those who watch, the 10 Santa Clara waterbanks are at 40% capacity. Still low, but a big gain from the 29% prior to recent storms.

I look forward to sending many reports over the next several months.

Footnote from editor: The recents rains have not only turned the hillsides green, the low winter sun that’s shining today cast long shadows.

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Rain year 2013-14 report: not very wet in Menlo Park

Here is my rainfall report for the 2013-14 rain year that began on July 1, 2013 and ends today:  9.55″ fell in my Menlo Park backyard. That compares to 16.50″ in the 2012-2013 rain year. Local weather watchers may be reminded that there have been worse rain years: 8.2″ fell in the 2o06-07  year. In the […]

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Friday wet weather adds .25″ to Menlo Park rain coffers

.25″ is my report for this morning’s rain. I am now at 9.15″ season-to-date. Sure would like to reach 10″. I notice my backyard [in west Menlo Park] continues to exceed the San Jose Mercury readings for San Jose and San Francisco Airport. My son drove to the Tahoe area this morning and encountered lots […]

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Off and on again rain keeps umbrellas going up and down

My backyard gauges show a nice .65″ from today’s rain. I am now 8.35″ rainfall season-to-date. Perhaps more to come this week. Photo by Julie Getze

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Squeezing out a little more rain on Menlo Park

Managed to squeeze out an additional .4″ in my gauge today. Most of that was by 9:00 am. I had hoped for more. My season-to-date total is now 7.2″ and that compares to 16.05″ same time last year.  Remember the rain year started back on July 1, 2013. Photo by Linda Hubbard

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Overnight rain is just a drop in the bucket

It rained steady last night, and my hopes were up for Menlo Park. Alas, I found just .15″  in my gauges. My season-to-date total is now 6.8″. Come on heavens — open up on us! Photo of drippy magnolia taken around sunrise by Linda Hubbard

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Rain and sun play peek-a-boo in latest series of storms

After Friday morning’s deluge, I recorded another .2″ in the afternoon. As of 7:00 am Saturday morning, rain was falling softly, and there was an additional .3″ in my gauges from overnight. My season-to-date total is now 6.55″. Since Wednesday, I’ve recorded 2.3″. Sunday (3/2) update: Another .1″ this morning. My season-to-date total is now 6.65 […]

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Another inch of rain gets dumped on Menlo Park

As of 7:30 am, with the skies brightening, there is an even one inch in my gauge. Most fell around 5:00 am when Sally and I were walking. My season-to-date total is now 6.05″. Many concerned folks will be wondering about the Sierra snow pack which will fill the mountain reservoirs. I will be watching […]

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Today’s anticipated deluge becomes off and on showers

It may rain some more today, yet as of 4:00 pm I have .4″ in my gauges for what is forecast as the first in a system of storms. That is 4.65″ season-to-date compared to 15.45″ same time in 2013. Photo by Scott Loftesness

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Pitter patter on the roof overnight in Menlo Park

An additional .25″ to report for the overnight rainfall. I am now at 3.95″ for the season that started July 1, 2013. We are inching up. And what a current in San Francisquito Creek is under Sand Hill Road. It sounded like a mountain stream! The earlier than usual spring blooms are probably extra confused. […]

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Saturday AM rain makes it 1 1/2 inches in past week

An additional .5″ in my gauge this morning. That is 3.7″ season-to-date and 1.5″ for this week. Front and back yards all over Menlo are lapping up the moisture. Photo by Linda Hubbard

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