Keiko Sakuma, who ran Kaygetsu Restaurant with husband Toshi for the past seven years, and Toshi’s on El Camino before that, posted this on the Kaygetsu Facebook page today:

“Many of you were wondering what’s next for us. Toshi accepted an offer from Apple to work at their headquarters in Cupertino several months ago. He’ll start working there in November. I (Keiko) am giving myself 3 months break to think about what to do next. Being a CPA in my previous life, I might get back to accounting field or do something else.

“We have one favor to ask you. If you could send us an e-mail (to [email protected]) about any episodes or memories relating toKaygetsu, we’d appreciate it very much. We’d cherish that as a part of Kaygetsu history.”

Photo of Keiko and Toshi taken on their last day at Kaygetsu on Oct. 7, by Lei Chen

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Thoughts on Kaygetsu’s closing by co-owner Keiko Sakuma

Editor’s note: For almost two decades, Toski and Keiko Sakuma have been an ever-present part of the restaurant scene in Menlo Park. Earlier this month, they announced that Kaygetsu, located in the Sharon Heights shopping center, was closing at the end of September. We asked Keiko to share some memories and thoughts. She emailed this […]

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Japanese earthquake and tsunami relief fundraising at Kaygetsu

Keiko Sakuma, co-owner with husband Toshio of Kaygetsu Restaurant in Menlo Park, emailed InMenlo: “We  raised $2,463 [for Japanese disaster relief] during our fund raising dinners on 3/18 and 3/19, including generous donations from our guests. We are deeply touched by the outpouring of support.  Tommy and Lydia Espinosa of Portolla Valley (11 and 7) […]

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Toshio and Keiko Sakuma: Partners in work and life

Already married, Toshio and Keiko Sakuma almost didn’t become the business twosome so well known to area residents – all because of some dropped plates. “I kept breaking dishes – and he didn’t like it,” says Keiko, pointing to her husband. The site of the their almost none beginning was Toshio’s first restaurant in Palo […]

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