TechShop Menlo Park

TechShop founder Jim Newton emailed:

“Today TechShop is celebrating its 10-year anniversary, and what a journey it has been! Ten years ago, TechShop Menlo Park opened with largely volunteer support from soon-to-be members and adorned by a sign hand made by my mother.

“Today, we have nine locations in the U.S., three overseas, and more on the way. TechShop has become the largest and most successful network of makerspaces in the world, empowering the lives of thousands of makers.

“And all of this has been possible because of…our members.


“TechShop members have done some truly remarkable things: You’ve developed new products and launched successful businesses; you’ve acquired new skills and learned new technologies; you’ve created beautiful art and improved your local communities.

“And, most inspiring to me, you have defied convention. It doesn’t matter if you’re an accomplished maker or someone aspiring to learn, TechShop is a community for all.”

Featured here are two photos taken by InMenlo founder Scott Loftesness when he visited TechShop Menlo Park in 2009.

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