July 2009

oak tree Menlo Park

As previously noted in this space, Menlo Park is all about oak trees. The city logo features an oak, street and neighborhoods include the word oak. If you’re a resident with a heritage oak on your property, there are guidelines on how it should be pruned and permission must be granted if you want to remove it. But apart from the plentifulness of the California live oak within the town limits, it’s a mystery why oaks and Menlo Park became near synonymous. We do know that local oaks are a good subject for an arty photograph, this one by Chris Gulker.

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Menlo faces: Mark Ghanbari – and Chipper

Thumbnail image for Menlo faces: Mark Ghanbari – and Chipper

Mark Ghanbari has been selling (and repairing) exquisite oriental rugs from  his Santa Cruz Avenue store, St. Clair Gallery, since 1995. His knowledge about and passion for the rugs he sells – as well as his warm personality – comes through instantly and he’s been rewarded with loyal customers from Menlo and surrounding communities. This […]

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Yet more traffic enforcement in Menlo Park

A Menlo Park Police Department motor officer tickets one of two motorists pulled over on Oak Ave. between Bay Laurel and Oak Knoll Lane at about 2:45 P.M. today. Two motor officers were seen busily policing the intersection of Oak Grove and El Camino this morning at about 9:30 A.M.. Our correspondants are reporting a […]

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Breaking news: more traffic enforcement

An unmarked Menlo PD car is doing good business stopping motorists for rolling stops on Oak Avenue in the vicinity of Lemon and Oak Knoll Lane.  Menlo motorists used to ‘casual’ adherence to neighborhood stop signs, be warned. Traffic enforcement seems to be up recently, despite M.P.P.D. claims that there is no special program this […]

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Signs of the times on Oak Knoll Lane

Judging by its size, the key message in this bevy of signs on the fence at Oak Knoll School, currently being reconstructed, is likely a response to complaints from long-suffering Oak Knoll residents. One can only speculate what life will be like when school reopens next month and the twice-daily crush of parents ferrying children […]

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The tomatoes have arrived

Our summer has been on the cool side so far, leaving the tomatoes in Menlo’s many gardens and even nearby farms, sulking. Today, however saw a bounty of fresh, ripe, mostly organic tomatoes arrive in force at this morning’s downtown  Farmer’s Market. Sales of the new crop, in a rainbow of hues, were brisk. One […]

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Hangouts: Peet’s

The conversation between two locals at last Wednesday’s concert in Fremont Park went something like this: “I’ll bet that Peet’s has been there for 40 years, no, maybe I’m giving  it 10 years.” ” Hmmm. I’m guesiing it opened in the late 70s – I think 30 years is more like it.” While InMenlo has […]

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Su Hong

Su Hong is one of my favorite lunch spots in downtown Menlo Park. Great Chinese food, very fast service, no waiting, reasonably priced. Today’s Kung Pao Chicken provides an example (almost too much for lunch!). Su Hong takeout is equally great – located a block away from the main restaurant.

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Color Me Mine – Yum!

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Walking down Santa Cruz Avenue in downtown Menlo Park today after lunch, I passed by Color Me Mine – the paint your own pottery store that we used to frequent for birthday parties especially when our kids were younger! These colorful ice cream cones caught my eye! Almost walked across the street to Cold Stone […]

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The Big Easy makes its way to Fremont Park

Thumbnail image for The Big Easy makes its way to Fremont Park

The spirit of New Orleans filled Fremont Park this evening thanks to the sounds of Chelle! and Friends, a band that promises to commemorate the music of Mardi Gras and celebrate the city’s Creole people and their music. Anyone who has visited the Katrina-devasted city in the past year or so, can attest to its […]

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Brand spanking new Menlo Mainstay

The Safeway at Middle and El Camino has only recently opened its doors, but very tall lettering on the wall above the checkout counters proudly proclaims that Safeway has been serving Menlo Park since 1932 – a 67-year run – making it an InMenlo Menlo Mainstay (only institutions with tenure of 40 or more years […]

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