Kites abundant, wind absent at Menlo’s Kite Day

by Linda Hubbard on April 25, 2010

Youngster with a hat as bright as her kite, Bedwell Bayfront park, Menlo ParkMenlo Park is holding its annual Kite Day through 4:00 pm today at Bedwell Bayfront Park, and while the choice of kites was abundant and the enthusiasts were plenty, the wind was not cooperating (at least in the first hour of the event). With its numerous small peaks and bayside location, Bedwell Bayfront Park would seem an ideal kite flying location. In the hope that the wind would pick up, early participants enjoyed picnics or walked the still green parkland. Then there was the default choice of  energetic boys and girls – run up and down the hillsides willing the kites upwards.

Top photo by Chris Gulker

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Joyce April 27, 2010 at 8:57 am

The wind did pick up! At 12:45, the breezes started to blow. By 1pm, there were dozens of kites in the air. We left at 2:30, and the skies were full of beautifully colored kites. It was quite a site to behold. I have to say this was an incredibly well organized, terrific event. After living in Menlo Park for 12 years, it was my first ‘discovery’ of Bedwell Bayfront Park. What a lovely place!

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