Jim Nofziger brings produce from his postage stamp-sized farm to Menlo Park Farmers Market

by Linda Hubbard on March 25, 2012

What began as a wine making hobby is now Pacifica resident Jim Nofziger’s postage stamp-sized Triple J farm. “It’s not really a farm,” said Jim at today’s farmers market in Menlo Park. “It’s really just my backyard.”

Jim planted apple and plum trees and also grows red potatoes and white ginger, a product not common locally. He’s able to grow the tropical plant because of his nearly frost-free coastal location. He still makes wine and sells wine vinegar at the market.

The rocky hillside that he terraced over a decade ago is now a CCOF certified organic farm, backyard location aside.

Jim also offers olives, which he sprinkles herbs on top, that are made by a friend from Corning, CA, . “Most of my customers like the added herbs, but I make it optional,” he said.

Triple J is undoubtedly Menlo Park Farmers Market’s smallest vendor, and Jim isn’t there every Sunday. “But I’ll be back next Sunday,” he said.

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