New, “casual eatery” Borrone Marketbar at Menlo Center is nearing completion

by Linda Hubbard on January 11, 2014

As visitors to the Menlo Center on El Camino can attest, the Borrone Marketbar, a new “casual eatery” next to Cafe Borrone, is getting close to opening its doors.

Explains the restaurant’s one page website: “Josh [Pebbles] and I love and appreciate the farmers and the fishmongers who are connected to preserving the earth, and who treat each plant and animal with care. We humbly accept their raw products and prepare them with creativity and respect to offer you the freshest handcrafted bites possible.

“We love cooking for others and believe that gathering around the table is engaging in the best of life. We designed the MarketBar, which we have begun calling our “little gem”, for the neighborhood—for you—as a place to inspire gathering with your family and friends, whether here or back home at your own table.

“The “Market” will feature a rotisserie, house-made focaccia, full family meals, fresh pasta and pastries for our guests to take to their favorite table. The “Bar Eatery” side is a casual space where you can enjoy a classic Italian cocktail, an oyster, a bowl of ravioli, or savory meats while soaking in the atmosphere: a little of the old world mixed with a dash of the new.”

Photo by Scott Loftesness, a long time fan of Cafe Borrone


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Jym Clendenin January 12, 2014 at 12:25 pm

I got to know Roy Borrone years ago when the first Cafe Borrone was in RWC. He had a great place, a booming lunch business, but it was dead in the evening. He took a chance when Menlo Center was built and moved his Cafe there. It was an instant success. The Cafe expanded into the adjoining commercial space some 10 years ago. Now the Borrone team is applying their magic touch to yet the next space. It’s almost guaranteed to be popular. Good luck Roy, Rose and the next generation in your new adventure!

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