Chalkboard traffic signs near Oak Knoll School are proliferating thanks to Brownie Troop

by Linda Hubbard on September 11, 2015

Kelly Schmitz, one of the leaders of Brownie Troop 62349 emailed: “The best way to kick-off our Brownie Year as third graders was to take our Oak Knoll School’s theme this year — CONNECTED — to our community.

“Many of our girls loved Courtney Gillette’s signs on Oak Avenue reinforcing safety, slowing down [and stopping.]

Brownie Scouts chalkboard sign“These signs actually gave us a gentle reminder. Our fellow Brownie sister, Ellie Joffe, was hit on her bike as she rode home last spring. The driver was cited for speeding at the intersection of Oak Knoll Avenue and Oakdell Drive. Thankfully, Ellie made a full recovery.

“We placed our ‘Otter Crossing’ and ‘You Otter Be Connected’ signs in the intersection close to our hearts, especially the heart of our Brownie sister.

“For their work, the girls earned our Community Service badge.”

Troop 62349, which has 10 Brownies, was formed in three years ago. Joining Kelly as troop leaders are Linda Knoll and Carey D’Alessandro.

Photos by Kelly Schmitz (c) 2015

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L Slaughter September 12, 2015 at 9:00 am

Great Idea! Super idea for the badge! AWARENESS is the Goal! I wish you were my Brownie leader!

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