December 2016

Here’s what captured the attention of InMenlo readers during 2016. Results include only posts that went live during the past 12 months. (Remembering downtown Menlo Park back in the day, first published in 2012, continues to be in the top  20 year after year.)

Today’s post focuses on #11-20; the top 10 list will be published tomorrow. Note: A special shout out to yesterday’s post about the re-opening of the British Bankers Club in Menlo Park; it fell just a few views short of nabbing the #20 spot (and could catch up later today!).

#11: Biggest thing to hit Menlo Park – ever – is a “digital playground for all ages” The teamLab exhibit, Living Digital Space and Future, at PACE Art + Technology kept crowds coming from its opening in February to its closing on December 18. (Ttop photo of Elizabeth Sullivan in the exhibit photographed by Irene Searles).

#12: Prophetic preacher and justice seeker, The Rev. Ed Bacon preaches at Trinity Church in Menlo Park A nationally-known guest preacher at Trinity not only brought people to the pews, but lots of eyeballs afterwards (we’re guessing from across the country).

#13 A salute to Menlo Park’s most Halloweeny house  A Hobart St. neighbor tipped us off about this house with a special Halloween paint job, made possible, homeowner Brandee Barker said, because she was in the midst of remodeling.

Dumbarton Bridge from Menlo Park

#14 Facebook funds further study of Dumbarton Corridor with eye on reducing traffic congestion Facebook and traffic in the same deadline makes readers take notice. (Photo above of Dumbarton Bridge by Scott Loftesness)

#15  Big Game Big Give is the biggest of the big Super Bowl parties – and it took place in Atherton Hard to not draw attention when a story is accompanied by a photo of Jennifer and Joe Montana meeting some kissing seals.

#16 Breaking news: Caltrain evacuated at Menlo Park train station due to concern about suspicious luggage Talk about being in the right place at the right time, the InMenlo team of Linda Hubbard and photographer Irene Searles just happened to be on this train. The bags in question turned out to be stolen, not explosive.

#17 M-A teacher, Menlo Park and Las Lomitas school districts – all honored with Kent Awards for outstanding programs Menlo Park and Atherton’s schools always get attention when put in the spotlight for their good people and programs.

Peck family_JPDigital

#18 Peck family with long-time Menlo Park roots, own and operate JP Digital Imaging This was one of our most Menlo Park stories of the year. (Photo above of Ashley, Leslie and Jim Peck by Irene Searles)

#19 Menlo Park resident Diane Dittmar tackles homelessness through her work at Abode Services InMenlo was among two dozen media outlets in the Bay Area that took part in Project Homelessness organized by the San Francisco Chronicle.

#20 Marsh Road will re-open between 5:00 and 6:00 pm on Saturday, August 13 The closure of Marsh Road from May to August was one of the biggest news stories in Menlo Park and Atherton, causing major traffic disruption during work on the “ditch” along the side of the road.

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British Bankers Club is once again abuzz in Menlo Park

We admit to being a bit nostalgic about the British Bankers Club in Menlo Park. When we moved back to our hometown of Menlo Park in 1990, the BBC was “the” place to hang out, although we weren’t quite in the right demographic. But we had lunch there with girlhood friends and delighted that a […]

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Menlo Park resident John Donald looks back on his top entertainment picks for 2016

Here’s some of what I enjoyed during 2016: Music: According to iTunes, my most played new music of the year. Singles – U-turn, Tegan and Sara – Dirty Mercy, Gin Wigmore – Mama Said, Lukas Graham – He Didn’t Mention His Mother, Eleanor Friedberger – She Makes Me Laugh, The Monkees – Boyfriend, Tegan and […]

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Spotted: Menlo Park Firefighters Honor Guard at Foster Farm Bowl

The Menlo Park Fire District and Firefighters Association Honor Guard posted the colors for the playing of the National Anthem at the Foster Farms Bowl Football Game at Levi Stadium yesterday. From left to right: Fire/Engineer Dave Bragg – USMC Gulf War 1 Veteran, Fire/Paramedic Scott Johnson, Captain John Wurdinger – USMC Veteran, Captain/Paramedic Rob Johnson, Retired Fire/Engineer Ken Steele, Fire/Engineer Eric […]

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Sierpinski “forest” lights up front yard on Lucky Avenue in Menlo Park

A gaggle of elves — otherwise known as students in Paula Hamilton’s Holiday Design Lab — assembled four Sierpinski Christmas trees that are now lighting up 1031 Lucky Avenue in Menlo Park in the best possible manner. “This is the second year I’ve focused on fractal math during the holiday season,” said Paula, who we profiled […]

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Spotted: Nativity scene re-enacted on Christmas Eve

For those Christians who follow the liturgical calendar, Christmas isn’t over. Rather it just began on Christmas day and will continue to January 6 when the season of Epiphany begins. So, we feel justified in posting this photo of children at Trinity Church in Menlo Park, recreating the Nativity scene at the afternoon service on Christmas […]

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SLAC research shows how tiny device can disinfect water in minutes, not hours

In many parts of the world, the only way to make germy water safe is by boiling, which consumes precious fuel, or by putting it out in the sun in a plastic bottle so ultraviolet rays will kill the microbes. But because UV rays carry only 4 percent of the sun’s total energy, the UV […]

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These Christmas presents and trees are actually cake!

Each year we enjoy a family Christmas dinner with friends we’ve known almost all of our life. The star of the dinner is always the cake baked by Beth Ann Goldberg, owner of Menlo Park-based Studio Cake. This year’s cake was no exception, a wonderful array of edible packages and well-decorated Christmas trees. It certainly […]

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Spotted: Luminarias are lighting the streets of Menlo Park on Christmas Eve

As has been the custom for the past few years, luminarias lined Cotton Street in Menlo Park with Hillview Drive fully onboard as well. But maybe the prettiest luminary display is on Olive Street, a few houses in from Santa Cruz Avenue (top). We don’t know if they’ll be out again on Christmas Day evening, but if […]

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As the sun sets, Menlo Park waits for Santa’s arrival

The kids of Menlo Park and Atherton get squirmier by the minute as they try to make it through a Christmas Eve meal and church. And when they go to bed tonight, they know it’s among the longest nights of the year, both literally and figuratively! InMenlo co-founder and photographer Scott Loftesness captured a few […]

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A nice little storm blows through Menlo Park

Update from Bill on Saturday, 12/24: “.1″ accumulated in my gauges. Now at 9.1″ season-to-date.” It was a day of off and on rain, broken up by an occasional blue sky and a rainbow here and there. InMenlo weather watcher Bill Russ reported in the morning that he’d recorded .5″ overnight, not surprising, particularly for those people […]

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