January 2017

A string of bicycle thefts have plagued the Willows neighborhood along with surrounding Menlo Park, East Palo Alto and Palo Alto areas in the last several weeks. On the evening of Monday, January 30, 2017, bike thefts again occurred in the Willows’ neighborhood and two of these burglaries were captured on resident video cameras. Investigations and the Narcotics Enforcement Team (NET) identified the suspect from the surveillance video.

On January 31, 2017, NET conducted undercover surveillance on the residence of the suspect. As NET was observing the house, a vehicle matching the description (a silver Nissan Frontier) captured by the surveillance cameras from the prior evening was seen approaching the residence. Officers activated their lights and sirens to conduct a traffic stop at Runnymede St. and Clarke St, in East Palo Alto. A pursuit ensued through a residential area of East Palo Alto.

The vehicle subsequently hit another vehicle causing minor vehicle damage and no injuries. Two male subjects fled on foot from the vehicle. Officers detained one of the subjects near the vehicle and officers pursued the second subject for approximately three blocks. The subject jumped several fences causing damage to fences and windows. He was detained in the ­­­­2100 block of Capitol Ave in East Palo Alto. The vehicle was later discovered to be a stolen vehicle out of San Jose.

Further information obtained during the investigation confirmed the identification of an East Palo Alto residence of the female subject that was under surveillance, for these crimes, who was on probation for threats. Officers went back to the residence and found the female suspect to be home and hiding in a back shed and arrested her. The suspect is identified as Miriam Taimani, 32-year-old female of East Palo Alto. She was booked into San Mateo County jail for possession of methamphetamine, drug indicia, stolen mail, bikes and other stolen property, which were located in the residence.

Jonathan Vega, 25-year-old male from East Palo Alto, was arrested and booked into San Mateo County jail for possession of a stolen vehicle, reckless evading, vandalism and resisting arrest. John Palavi, 53-year-old male from East Palo Alto, was cited and released for a $2,500 warrant for a suspended license out of San Mateo County Sheriff’s Office and for resisting arrest.

The Menlo Park Police Department is asking anyone who might have information about this case to call Menlo Park Police Department at (650) 330-6300 or the Menlo Park Police Anonymous Tip Hotline at (650) 330-6395. This is an ongoing investigation and there is not additional information to be released at this time.

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Jim Varner talks about the newest Varner wines

Jim Varner was on a path to be a winemaker while his “smarter than me” twin brother, Bob, was studying to be a geneticist. Today Bob is the winemaker and Jim is the businessman behind Menlo Park-based Varner Wine. “I have the degree, and he read all my textbooks,” Jim quipped during a visit at his Ladera home. […]

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Spotted: Spooky black mushrooms in Menlo Park yard

The lumpy black mushrooms that appeared last February are back, right on schedule (or nearly so). Emails Menlo Park homeowner Eric Sabelman: [They’re back] in plentiful quantities, the same species [slate grey saddle or fluted black elfin saddle (Helvella dryophila)], and mostly in the live oak leaf where I first saw them last year.” Photo by […]

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Spotted: Batmobile in downtown Menlo Park

InMenlo contributing photographer Irene Searles stumbled upon this Batmobile Saturday in downtown Menlo Park on Santa Cruz Ave near El Camino. She assembled her favorite shots in one image. Does anyone know what the Batmobile was doing in town? And who owns it?

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Sheri Sobrato Brisson and Eric Brisson join Cancer Commons to find better treatment options for children with brain cancer

Cancer Commons, a not-for-profit network of patients, physicians, and scientists that help identify the best options for treating an individual’s cancer, announced the launch of a new program to identify personalized treatment options for children with brain cancer. The program is funded by a generous lead gift from Atherton resident Sheri Sobrato Brisson, a pediatric brain tumor […]

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Bedding needed for families soon to move out of LifeMoves shelters

“About 50 people, mostly families, are moving out of LifeMoves shelters into permanent housing this month,” emails Barrett Moore. “They need bedding….honestly many will start out on the floor (which they are grateful for), but I’m hoping that spring cleaning, combined with our need to do something positive, might help us gather 50 sets and make […]

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Rain turns Damiani Creek into a rolling, boiling torrent

We may be blessed with several days of dry conditions, but InMenlo contributing photographer Robb Most captured the result of the long rainy period when he ventured out to Portola Valley last Sunday and parked along Alpine Road, which runs adjacent to Damiani Creek. We feature a number of his photographs, including a very wet […]

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Spotted: Science in action at Hillview Middle School

Hillview Middle School held its annual science fair this past week. Over 100 students worked on about 70 projects, some as two-person teams. Eighth grader Maya presented Silence in Space. Photo by Gina Hart (c) 2017

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Spotted: California missions at Oak Knoll School

As part of California State Standards, fourth graders learn about California missions. And each year, Oak Knoll School invites friends and families to view replicas that the students make. Explains principal Kristen Garcia: “The project is as hands on as it gets, with plaster, glue guns, and an variety of materials to bring the mission […]

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John Donald is Executive Producer of very local movie, Superpowerless, part of this year’s SF Indie Fest

Add movie producer to Menlo Park resident John Donald’s resume with the release of Superpowerless, which will be screened locally next month at the SF Indie Fest. Tickets are available online as is the trailer. The film, which was shot in San Francisco, Berkeley, and Palo Alto, is about a superhero (played by Josiah Polhemus) who loses […]

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Galaxy Clusters is topic of public lecture at SLAC on Jan. 31

SLAC Research Scientist Eli Rykoff will give a talk titled Galaxy Clusters and the Life and Death of the Universe at the Kavli Auditorium (Building 51) at the SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory on Tuesday, Jan. 31, 2017, at 7:30 pm. Seated is limited to 150; overflow will be directed to other rooms to watch the live steam. The […]

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