Alkalign in Menlo Park celebrates 10th anniversary on April 13, offers free fitness class to celebrate

by Contributed Content on April 8, 2019

The markets crashed and spending tightened, but the perilous circumstances didn’t dissuade Erin Paruszewski from diving into a new business venture headfirst. After years as an investment banker and Six Sigma consultant, Erin left corporate America. She and her husband Tony drew down every last penny of their home equity line one week before the bank froze it, and they invested it to bring health and vibrancy to Menlo Park.

Erin opened her first studio in March 2009 as a franchisee of The Dailey Method. Although she loved many aspects of the business, there was something missing. She wanted to offer a more holistic health and wellness expertise to her client base. She wanted the freedom to innovate, evolve and to continuously inspire her community to do the same. With the help of local branding firm Personify, Alkalign was born in April 2015.

Alkalign is a boutique functional fitness studio that delivers high quality, effective and fun group classes that are different than anything else in the market. In addition to strength and cardio formats, Alkalign offers rolling classes to improve mobility as well as a holistic nutrition program, all in a supportive community environment.

Erin’s mission has always been to help people feel better, and she does this by teaching people how to move better along with how to tune in and connect with both themselves and others. She’s deeply passionate about ensuring that the benefits of Alkalign are both immediate and long term.

Many of her clients have been coming to the Alameda location since she first opened a decade ago and have noticed the difference in themselves and in the classes offered. Vicki Knapp appreciates that Alkalign “takes a more holistic approach to well being. It’s not just about fitness. There is a focus on education and a strong sense of community. I have learned how to better navigate my own body. If something hurts, I can work with the instructors to fix it. I also love that the clients age in range from teens to 60s and 70s. It’s a place that embraces and challenges everyone at their level.”

Adds Helen Ungerman: “In the beginning I was running 5Ks and doing Alkalign twice a week. At times I’d get off track and would prioritize intensive gym workouts but would end up injured and back at Alkalign to reset my mind and body. After 10 years I’ve realized that I need Alkalign and its close knit community in my weekly life at least 2x/week, to keep things strong and stable.”

Alkalign is celebrating its anniversary on Saturday, April 13th. You can purchase and enjoy your first class free with promo code “inmenlo.”

Alkalign is now franchising and has locations in Los Altos, Irvine, and Grand Rapids, MI with more opening nationwide in 2019.

Photos by Robb Most (c) 2019

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