Neighborhood walking: Select a soap to brighten your hand washing – and help local non-profit

by Linda Hubbard on April 14, 2020

Last Sunday, Shosh Cohen put soaps out at her home, writing on Nextdoor:

“Yes, it’s true that the coronavirus is no match for good old fashioned soap and water! If you are tired of nagging your kids to wash their hands, stop by the corner of Oak Avenue and Ambar Way while you are out for your Sunday walk. Choose from many fun colors, scents, and themes that will make hand washing the most exciting part of the day. Except for the walk with their family, of course.

All soaps are free and double wrapped for protection. If you are concerned about virus contamination – hey presto! You are already holding a bar of soap. Please observe social distancing protocol. One bar per person, please.

She emailed InMenlo on Monday with the news that the soap would be out again today, this time on her porch to keep them out of the sun: “Many people came by, but I actually made way more soap than I put out yesterday… I also got several inquiries about donating soap to LifeMoves, which I am also going to do. I have never had such a huge response to something on NextDoor! There has been a lot of sniping on there lately; it was good to have something noncontroversial.

“This was actually an idea that came from a brainstorming session with the robotics team/Girl Scout troop I lead. What can you make that people need during a quarantine? Soap and masks! We are making masks too.”

Next to the soap on Shosh’s porch is a box where you can make a donation to LifeMoves when taking soap.

Photo by Linda Hubbard (c) 2020

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