Learn about the zero emission landscape equipment requirement in Menlo Park

by Contributed Content on March 4, 2023

Menlo Park is considering adopting a zero-emission landscape equipment (ZELE) requirement that would prohibit using gas powered landscaping equipment due to its negative impacts on health, and noise and air pollution. Operating a gas powered leaf blower for one hour is equal to inhaling 15 hours of emissions from driving. It can also contribute to hearing loss.

The proposed Menlo Park requirement would use a phased approach to require use of zero emission (manual, electric or battery powered) landscaping equipment, starting with leaf blowers and string trimmers in July 2024, and remaining equipment (chain saws, lawnmowers and hedge trimmers) in January 2029. The California Air Resources Board has also tried to phase out gas powered landscaping equipment by requiring manufacturers to sell only zero emission landscaping equipment in California starting Jan. 1, 2024.

Curious about zero emission landscaping equipment? Review some of the equipment testimonials.

The City Council will consider adopting the regulations in April/May 2023 with phased enforcement beginning July 2024 for some landscaping equipment. The City is looking for your help in two ways:

  1. Please review draft elements of the regulation below and fill out the Zero Emission Landscaping Equipment survey(Encuesta en español).
  2. If you take regular walks around your neighborhood, please help provide electric equipment discount information to landscapers and gardeners you see around town. Many do not know these incentives are available, and are grateful to receive information directly.
  • Download and print the electric equipment discount handout(PDF, 660KB) , and leave on landscapers or gardeners vehicles or hand them a copy directly if appropriate.
  • You may pick up 15 printed copies during business hours at the Building Permit counter at City Hall (701 Laurel St.). If you would like over 15 copies, email Rebecca Lucky.
  • If you can get their contact information, please email it Rebecca Lucky so we can include them in upcoming meetings and surveys.

Virtual webinars are planned for February/March 2023. Recordings will also be posted when available.

For landscapers and gardeners

For community members

Visit menlopark.gov/subscribe and sign up under Projects.

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